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Army of Islam

Designated as terrorist by: United States

Base of operations: Palestinian Territories

Background: U.S. Department of State
Background: Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center

Based in the Gaza Strip and motivated by the ideology of global jihad, the Army of Islam (Arabic: "Jaish al-Islam") collaborated with Hamas and other groups to carry out the 2006 abduction of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who would be held in captivity until 2011. In addition, the organization kidnapped two Fox News journalists, one of them an American, in 2006 and BBC reporter Alan Johnston in 2007. The Army of Islam has also been blamed for rocket launches against Israel and attacks in Egypt, including the 2011 suicide bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria. It has been linked to ongoing jihadist activity in the Sinai Peninsula and is believed to be seeking closer ties to al-Qaeda.

Army of Islam Emblem
Kata'ib Ansar al-Hijja: Martyrdom Poster

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