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Kata'ib al-Imam Musa bin Ja'afar

Not yet designated terrorist by a Western country
Base of operations: Iraq

Kata'ib al-Imam Musa bin Ja'afar (Imam Musa son of Ja'afar Brigades)- named for the seventh Shi'i imam- is a Shi'a militia operating in Iraq, based out of Maysan province in the southeast- the so-called military wing of the "Mujahideen of Iraq" (Harakat Mujahidee al-Iraq). Claiming to operate "within the frameworks of the Iraqi state" and fighting in answer to the "call of the rightly guided marja'iyya," the militia identifies ideologically with Iran. The most notable claimed area of operation has been keeping the Jurf al-Sakhr area to the south of Baghdad secure.

Kata'ib al-Imam Musa bin Ja'afar Emblem

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