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Liwa al-Tawheed

Designated terrorist by: U.S.
Base of operations: Palestinian Territories
Background: Website

Liwa al-Tawheed ('The Tawheed Brigade')- also known as the Naser Salah ad-Din Brigades- is a militant group (a declared armed wing of the rejectionist 'Popular Resistance Committees')- primarily active in Gaza. Denouncing Jews as the "enemies of God," the group describes the "battle whose flames are blazing today in the abode of Islam" as a "holy war between two camps to which there is no third way: the camp of faith and tawheed on one side, and the camp of disbelief and revilement on the other, for indeed our Ummah today has fallen between a Zionist-Crusader West and a heretic, secularist and Rafidite [Shi'a] East." Liwa al-Tawheed further argues that the "implementation of the rule of Shari'a" is an "obligation entrusted with all members of the Ummah to strive for" while lamenting the destruction of the Islamic State (NB not to be confused with the entity in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere) by the "kuffar [disbelievers] and their aides." Liwa al-Tawheed was a participant in the summer 2014 war between Israel and Gaza.

Liwa al-Tawheed Flag
Liwa al-Tawheed Headband
Liwa al-Tawheed: Al-Buraq Media
Liwa al-Tawheed: Jihadi Media

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