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Liwa al-Baqir

Not yet designated terrorist by a Western country
Base of operations: Syria
Background: Aymenn al-Tamimi

Liwa al-Baqir (The Baqir Brigade, named for the fifth Shi'i Imam) is a militia operating in the Aleppo area. Claiming origins that go back to 2012, the militia primarily seems to consist of Shi'ified Bekara tribesmen, many of whom have converted both during and prior to the Syrian civil war on account of Iranian proselytization efforts and the ostensible link between the Bekara tribe and Imam Baqir.

Liwa al-Baqir has portrayed itself both as operating within the Local Defence Forces network of pro-Assad militias in Aleppo- set up with help from Iran and Hezbollah in a manner similar to that of the setting up of the National Defence Forces- as well as being affiliated with Hezbollah. The links of all these parties with each other are clear in any case. Liwa al-Baqir also successfully backed a candidate for the Syrian parliamentary elections in April 2016, reflecting militias using their clout to build political influence within the Assad regime rump state in Syria.

Liwa al-Baqir Emblem
Liwa al-Baqir: Martyrdom Poster

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