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Kata'ib Zaynab al-Kubra

Not yet designated terrorist by a Western country
Base of operations: Iraq

Kata'ib Zaynab al-Kubra ("Zaynab al-Kubra Battalions") is a Shi'a militia that emerged in 2014 as part of the 'Popular Mobilization' trend since the Islamic State's advances in June of that year with the fall of Mosul. Ideologically, the group identifies with Iran, featuring portraits of Ayatollah Khomeini and current Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei on poster. The group primarily appears to operate in the Baghdad area.

Kata'ib Zaynab al-Kubra Emblem
Kata'ib Zaynab al-Kubra Emblem and Flag
Kata'ib Zaynab al-Kubra Flag
Kata'ib Zaynab al-Kubra Insignia
Kata'ib Zaynab al-Kubra Poster

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