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Harakat al-Sabireen

Not yet designated terrorist by a Western country.
Base of operations: Palestinian territories

Harakat al-Sabireen ("Movement of Those Who Endure") is a Palestinian militant group active primarily in Gaza and dedicated to "the Shari'a obligation of jihad in the path of God" against Israel (dubbed "the Zionist enemy") until "the liberation of all of the land" of Palestine. Standing apart from other Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas and the Salafi jihadis of Gaza, Harakat al-Sabireen appropriates Hezbollah and Iranian imagery of the extended arm and rifle as well as the globe, reflecting Iran's revolutionary Islamist ideology. This affinity with Hezbollah and Iran is further reflected in various stances Harakat al-Sabireen has taken, including effusive praise and offering of condolences to Hezbollah for its fighters killed in an Israeli airstrike in Quneitra in Syria, condemning the Saudi intervention in Yemen as an "attack on the Yemeni people", and calling on Palestinians to work with "the Syrian state" (i.e. the Assad regime) to drive the Islamic State out of Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus. Unsurprisingly, jihadi critics of the movement accuse it of being a Shi'a group.

Hisham Salim- a senior leader of Harakat al-Sabireen- denied in an interview with al-Quds al-Arabi "direct" relations with Iran or Hezbollah or receiving military support from either actor, though admitted to some financial links with Iranian 'charities' and expressed hope for direct relations with Iran, praising it as "the only country in the world that supports the Palestinian resistance." He also denied rumours that Harakat al-Sabireen is a break-off from Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which has clear ties to Iran and Hezbollah. In another interview, Hisham Salim praised Syria as an "Arab resistance state that has offered the Palestinians much and offered much to the Palestinian resistance."

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