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Saraya al-Ashtar

Not yet designated as terrorist by a Western country

Base of operations: Bahrain

Background: Reuters

Saraya al-Ashtar (the al-Ashtar Brigades) is a Shi'a militant group in Bahrain that released its first statement on April 27, 2013, attacking the al-Khalifa Sunni monarchy for its "oppression" and "crimes." The group has since then claimed bomb attacks against the Bahraini security services. "Al-Ashtar" refers to the revered Shi'a figure Malik al-Ashtar, a companion of Imam Ali appointed governor of Egypt by Ali. There is no definite evidence that the group is linked to Hezbollah or the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. However, ideological overlap, namely in espousing Khomeini's ideology of Wilayat al-Faqih, is a real possibility. Saraya al-Ashtar has been designated as a terrorist group by Bahrain.

Saraya al-Ashtar Emblem
Saraya al-Ashtar: "The Islamic Resistance in Bahrain"

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