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Kata'ib A'imat al-Baqi'

Not yet designated terrorist by a Western country
Base of operations: Iraq, Syria

Kata'ib A'imat al-Baqi' (The Imams of al-Baqi' Battalions: al-Baqi' being the resting place in what is now Saudi Arabia of some Shi'a Imams) is an Iraqi Shi'a militia that defines itself as part of the 'Islamic Resistance Movement in Iraq.' Led by one Abu Jihad al-Tamimi, the militia has advertised operations in areas such as Saqlawiya to the north of Fallujah but like Tashkilat Asad Baghdad, with which it seems to have close relations, it has advertised recruitment for Syria as well. The Syria contingent appears to take the name Liwa al-Hamza Sayyid al-Shuhada' (The Hamza Brigade: Master of Martyrs). Ideologically, like the other Shi'a militias advertising recruitment and deployment to Syria in the latter half of 2015, the group identifies with Iran and its Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamene'i.

Kata'ib A'imat al-Baqi' Emblem
Kata'ib A'imat al-Baqi' Graphic
Kata'ib A'imat al-Baqi': Recruitment for Syria

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