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Kata'ib al-Sabirun

Not yet designated terrorist by a Western country
Base of operations: Iraq, Syria

Kata'ib al-Sabirun ('The Battalions of Those who Endure') is an Iraqi Shi'i militia that primarily seems to focus its efforts on fighting in Syria. Using the moniker al-Muqawama al-Islamiya (The Islamic Resistance), the militia displays an ideological affinity with Iran. Like other Iraqi militias with a strong Syria focus (e.g. Harakat al-Nujaba'), the direction of the group's efforts may point to a lack of relevance on the Iraqi theatre of action.

Kata'ib al-Sabirun Emblem
Kata'ib al-Sabirun Martyrdom Graphic
Kata'ib al-Sabirun: New Emblem
Kata'ib al-Sabirun: Recruitment for Syria

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