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Quwat Zaynab al-Kubra

Not yet designated terrorist by a Western country
Base of operations: Iraq, Syria

Quwat Zaynab al-Kubra ('Zaynab al-Kubra Forces') is an Iraqi Shi'a militia. It claims multiple sub-formations within Iraq such as Liwa Suqur Salah ad-Din and Liwa al-Qa'im. Defining itself as part of the 'Islamic Resistance', primarily the militia identifies ideologically with Iran. Interestingly, the militia also claims a contingent in Syria: Liwa Hujr ibn 'Adi (Fawj al-Quds), named after a supporter of Imam Ali executed by Muawiya. On 22 September 2015, Quwat Zaynab al-Kubra announced 14 'martyrs' killed in the Deir az-Zor area of eastern Syria.

Quwat Zaynab al-Kubra Emblem
Quwat Zaynab al-Kubra Emblem
Quwat Zaynab al-Kubra Poster
Quwat Zaynab al-Kubra: Liwa al-Qa'im
Quwat Zaynab al-Kubra: Military Base

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