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Kata'ib al-Shaheed Zayd al-Tha'ir

Not yet designated terrorist by a Western country
Base of operations: Iraq

Kata'ib al-Shaheed Zayd al-Tha'ir ('The Martyr Zayd the Rebel Battalions') is a Shi'a militia in Iraq that identifies as part of yet another Hezbollah brand: Hezbollah al-'Adham. But little else is known about the group. Zayd al-Tha'ir is a reference to Zayd ibn Ali al-Sajjad ibn Hussein ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib: an important figure in Shi'a Islam who led a revolt against the ruling Umayyad dynasty.

Kata'ib al-Shaheed Zayd al-Tha'ir Emblem

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